Steelite International Ltd


Steelite began manufacturing in Stoke over 100 years ago and the invention of the reinforced plate began in the Potteries and are now global market leaders with a reputation that is respected worldwide.  They currently employ over 1000 employees worldwide, 850 of which are based in the heart of Stoke.

Steelite currently export to over 140 countries worldwide.  Their commitment to outstanding quality and service in overseas markets has been acknowledged by the queen.


“Simarco is made up of a dynamic, forward-thinking team of people who have helped to lead and support us through the most difficult of times.  The normal day-to-day service they offer/provide is what one would come to expect.  However, it is their refined, proactive and intelligent solutions that really sets them apart in the industry.  All this whilst engendering a relationship of trust and authenticity. It is always a pleasure to speak with any member of the Simarco team.”

Rob Price – Global Operations Director

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