Customs Formalities for UK/EU Trade

Since 1st January 2021 and when trading with EU businesses, customs formalities now form part of our daily routine.  We continue to work alongside many businesses, aiding the transition and now transporting their products in a more process-driven HMRC environment.

For many businesses who have not previously traded outside of the EU, or perhaps ship infrequently to the EU or rest of world, we recognise this might be a dawning task.

At Simarco, we continue to build on previous success in the customs sector, having AEO-C accreditation since 2013, HMRC approved warehouse facilities (ETSF) and Transit guarantees, all of which enables us to ensure your products move across borders without delay.

With our own in-house customs departments handling import clearances, as well as export declarations and Transit documents, we are in direct control of the UK customs processes.

Below you will find our checklist when preparing to import or export and useful links to help answer any questions you may have.  Alternatively, you can contact one of our customs team by emailing