Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is at the heart of Simarco, and we are dedicated to maintaining high quality standards when it comes to health and safety in the workplace, protecting the environment & being a responsible corporate citizen.

We recognise that as a global company our business activities may have an impact on the environment and with such impact must follow responsibility to maintain high standards and commitment to best practice. Simarco has an ambitious sustainability program to allow us to meet & go beyond the UK’s targets for ourselves, our supply chain & our customers.

At Simarco we continually strive to make a positive contribution to the environment and are frequently setting and reviewing targets that enable us to meet best practice. In addition, we are committed to improving energy efficiency and lowering carbon emissions from our fleet of vehicles and transportation services through the use of electric vehicles & alternative fuels.

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility has been awarded with a range of certifications. We meet the highest quality operating standards with ISO9001. Additionally, our constant performance targets to maintain best practice, innovation and commitment to client partnership obtained certification under environment best practice standards ISO14001 & AEO accreditation.

Simarco also recognises that it has a wider corporate responsibility to not only uphold but also promote activities that benefit all of society. Simarco is fully committed to the goals of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act & Anti-Bribery & Corruption legislation & actively promotes these goals to its’ employees & within its’ supply chain.

We are also aware of the responsibility of companies to pay the correct level of tax in order to allow for necessary public expenditure & adopts a policy of limited tax management. Simarco is also aware of its responsibility under the Tax Evasion Facilitation Prevention Act & conducts its’ business in accordance with this legislation.