Simarco prevents 148.91 tCO2e emissions – the equivalent to 369,446 miles driven in a car.

114 long haul flights, 447 metres² of sea ice or 369,446 miles driven by car is the equivalent to the 148.91 tCO2e emissions we have helped prevent over the course of eighteen months with our continued dedication to the support of the eCologi project.

With supply chain sustainability at the forefront of our company vision in February 2022 we enrolled with environmental and climate positive business, eCologi. With our dedication to reduce our carbon footprint and increase our sustainability impact, we are proud to announce that we have supported twenty-six eCologi carbon avoidance projects around the world.

Amongst the twenty-six projects, we are delighted to report that we have aided:

  1. 13.53tCO2e for the Wind Power Project in Mexico
  2. 8.1 tCO2e for the Generating Electricity from Landfill Gas Project in Brazil
  3. 6.97 tCO2e for the Distributing Cleaner Cookstoves project in Kenya
  4. 6 tCO2e by generating power from waste in India.

As we continue to support eCologi, we carry on playing a vital role in the reduction of greenhouse gases and its impact on climate change, and its social, environmental, and economic impacts around the world.

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