Rail Strikes Set To Impact Transport

Starting next week, the RMT Union have planned three single day strikes that will disrupt rail freight movements and will likely impact some road transport.

The rail-worker action is due to take place on 21st, 23rd and 25th June, and while only 10-12% of the UK’s transport is moved by rail, the impact may be further reaching, with container transport likely to be one of the worst affected.

Many longer container transport journeys include a rail movement directly to or from the UK’s ports, with the local element arranged by truck. A reduced rail freight network will clearly disrupt these movements, which may reduce availability during the course of next week.

It is unclear how the strikes will impact Euro Tunnel rail journeys, but around 1 in 4 services have been cancelled at this stage.

Additional traffic is another area that could lead to disruption on the roads as we approach what is an uncertain few days, should the strikes go ahead. Simarco’s advice is to book transport as early as possible and to have contingency plans for any unexpected delays.

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