11 October 2018

There are now only months left until the UK is no longer a member of the European Union.

Withdrawal promises to bring great change. For the time being, at least, no-one knows whether it will be for better or worse.

As I write, there is still no definitive word about what shape a Brexit deal will take or if there’ll even be a deal in place by the end of March next year.

That uncertainty has already had considerable impact on the economy and firms like yours and ours which contribute to it.

If agreement hasn’t yet been reached about the possibility of tariffs, for instance, how can companies adapt their business strategies?

 Over the last few months, we at Simarco have been doing our bit to help clients at home and abroad put contingencies in place to enable them to continue trading with as little upheaval as possible regardless of what Westminster and Brussels decide. 

Such preparations have meant our exploring the various alternative outcomes, their potential impact and how best client companies might capitalise on whatever opportunities present themselves.

As a global operator with extensive operations across Europe, we’ve made it our business to know what withdrawal might mean for your business.

We have condensed that knowledge into a special Brexit white paper which we hope provides a little more clarity about what the process is all about.

It’s free to download and we’re confident it will be of use.

However, if you have any more specific information about what Brexit might mean for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

We at Simarco are always happy to help.

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