Resilience & Commitment


6 April 2020

With the threat of COVID-19 for all of us at work and at home, we are faced with worrying times. As a business, we have had much to consider, challenges we could never have imagined and a conscience to keep the business on track. With the country in lockdown it is crucial that we keep our operations running and lorries moving ensuring the supply chain doesn’t fall short. The challenges are tough, but our staff have shown great resilience and commitment to which we thank.

We are focused and dedicated in serving our customers and the supply chain, delivering goods to hospitals, supermarkets and industries critical to daily life.

Simon Reed, Chief Executive quoted “We are thankful to have fantastic warehouse, drivers and operations staff working hard in this difficult time to deliver essential goods and keep industry moving.”

We were recently approached by Essex Chambers and Commerce to provide transport support to Essex NHS moving hospital beds between various hospitals to prepare wards for Covid 19 isolation.

The task was managed by army Lt. Commander Owen Graham and Chief Inspector Leigh Norris of Essex Police and support by Trevor Whiting and Gary Thurlow at Simarco. Simarco provided two vehicles driven by James Smith and Paul Lopez who kindly volunteered and worked tirelessly all afternoon helping the NHS prepare to tackle the virus in Essex.


We are very proud to have been able to play a small part in helping the NHS. It goes without saying they are doing a remarkable job.

As the title of this article states, in a country of unprecedented times, “resilience and commitment” is within us all.

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