Management Training Presentations – 9th June 2022

Today was a real milestone for the 9 Managers of Simarco International Ltd who have been attending the bespoke 12 month Management Training and Mentoring Programme I created just for them in line with the aspirations that Trevor Scott and Simon Reed had for this group of Managers.  The milestone reason?

It was the final session of the programme and, in three groups of 3 Managers, they made presentations to Simon (CEO), Trevor (MD), Stephen Emler (FD) Dave Knowles (European Ops Director), Sairah Knight (HR Director) and the rest of the team. The presentations demonstrated their journey, how they had implemented the learning individually and within their teams, ideas to promote the Simarco culture and the way forward for them and the company from here. It was innovative, inspiring and enlightening!

As well as a day of Presentations, it was also a day of recognition of the hard work and application of the skills learned in a practical and effective way, which has allowed each of them the opportunity to expand their horizons within the company and be an active part of its growing future.

As a group, we are all going to miss our monthly training days but I know that this is not the end for these Managers, it is just the beginning. I have observed the wonderful transition of each of them, coming onto the course as Managers and, through the application of our work, evolving into Leaders of their teams who inspire, upskill and set great examples to those team members. I am truly proud of their achievements and particularly in the way they have allowed their mindsets be open to change, new ideas, ways of working and being collaborative and supportive as a group.

The Managers came from Simarco sites around the country: Witham, Stoke, Manchester, Bristol and Gloucester. They got to know each other, recognised the challenges of being countrywide and worked hard to form supportive relationships, bounce ideas off one another, address thorny issues and innovate for an improved way forward. It was a joy to witness!

To conclude the day, each Manager was presented with a framed certificate and they very kindly showed their appreciation to me with flowers and chocolates, which was lovely. Catherine Swann, Chris Martin, Jennie Roe, Liam Byrne, Marisa McFerran, Richard Jackson, Scott Hutchison, Steven Wherrett and Stuart Watt – thank you for being amazing participants, engaging with enthusiasm and optimism, applying the skills learned and for making the journey enjoyable, lively and fun! Congratulations to you all and I know you will continue the journey in ‘challenging yourself to be successful!’.

Tina Dulieu – Coaching Dynamics

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