If you are importing from Europe are you aware of the customs procedure changes that will affect your business from the 1st Jan 2022?

Customs regulation changes from the 1st January 2022 you can no longer delay supplementary declarations. These must be completed at the time of importation.

For businesses currently using delayed declarations for their European imports you need to prepare to make supplementary declarations on time to comply with the new regulations.

You should check with your forwarder to ensure they have completed the required supplementary declarations for goods you have already received?

If you have any concerns regarding European Import clearances, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you.✓  At Simarco we are AEO-C approved and authorised consignee & consignor, meaning we are a trusted trader with HMRC and allows a more efficient import/export system for all parties involved

✓  We complete all European declarations in-house

✓  With our inland ETSF customs facilities in Witham, Essex and Stoke-on-Trent, it allows us to avoid unnecessary delays at the ports of importation

✓  We have a team of 34 people dedicated to European customs clearance

✓  Using another forwarder? We can still customs clear your goods on your behalf

✓  We can clear at all UK ports if your goods must clear upon entry into the UK

✓ With our inland customs badges, we can clear your goods if presented to third party ETSF facilities

Are the products you purchase from overseas dutiable? If yes, are you interested to know more about deferring the duty payment?

✓  Customs Freight Simplified Procedures, also known as CFSP, was introduced by HMRC in 2001 and is an alternative to traditional full import declarations at the time of goods arrival

✓  The scheme allows faster release of goods from ports, airports and inland customs facilities, subject to anti-smuggling checks

✓  Cash flow incentive – The import duty and VAT (if not using Postponed VAT Accounting – PVA) do not need to be paid until the Supplementary Declaration is submitted. This must be completed within the same month as the goods withdrawal from the Customs warehouse. Please reply to chris.bentley@simarco.com if you would like our customs experts to provide further service information in this specialist area.

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