Based on a proven track record of logistics innovation and reliability over the last two decades, Simarco has launched a new guaranteed groupage offering for our Italian Import and Export service.

More than simply offering daily departures, Simarco has formulated a two-tier, Gold and Silver groupage service in order to meet the demands of clients operating in different sectors

Unsurprisingly, the difference has proven enormously popular with customers in such time-pressured sectors as automotive and fashion.


Furthermore, a challenging benchmark was established.  Both import and export shipments routed from supplier to consignee within 48 to 72 hours.  Customers can book Simarco knowing a date of departure and the expected time of arrival on the delivery date based on which of the Gold or Silver services they opt for.  This is achieved by using three drivers rather than the more routine two-man solution.

The service has increased client satisfaction, higher volumes to and from Italy and the important IT spine which underpins the entire system has coped more than adequately with the work asked of it.

As a result, it will become a standard offering across the rest of Simarco’s European markets in the next 12 months.

Beyond the in-house development of the IT network essential to the service’s success, discussions about how it would operate on the ground led Simarco to becoming the only non-Italian member of that country’s largest pallet network.

We believe the enhanced service, reinforced by our long-standing AEO status, also makes it more robust and more capable to withstand whatever challenges the logistics industry might face after Brexit is completed.

Simarco has become the trusted, dedicated logistics partner of choice for a host of major brands, handling freight operations by road, air and sea as well as providing clear, flexible and effective supply chain solutions in the office, in the warehouse or on the road.

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