From Our Hearts To The Families Of Ukraine

Two trucks left Simarco warehouses this month with aid for the many Ukrainian families that have been tragically displaced since the outbreak of hostilities in their own country.

A full artic load left our Witham facility on March 14th, which has now been delivered to humanitarian warehouses on the Ukrainian/Polish border. Meanwhile, a box vehicle left our premises in Stoke on Friday 25th March and is en-route to the same delivery point.

Both vehicles were full of donations from Simarco staff and family members, customers, partners, the general public and other organisations, such as schools and local authorities.

Products, from torches and colouring books to clothing, blankets and nappies, along with numerous medical supplies, filled the vehicles, after an appeal was launched and coordinated by our team.

It has been impossible to not be incredibly moved by the harrowing pictures coming from Ukraine, including scenes of so many families crossing the border, unsure whether they will ever see loved ones again.

2.2 million Ukrainians have arrived in Poland since the war started and they are now heavily reliant on donations and aid from across Europe for their everyday provisions.

We are extremely proud of the efforts of our team and would like to thank all of those that have so generously come together to make this happen through their help and donations.

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