Felixstowe Introduces New Energy Levy

The Port of Felixstowe will be introducing a new import fee related to its increased cost of energy. Effective 1st May 2022, an Energy Adjustment Levy (EAL) – will be charged on all import containers travelling through the port.

The port attributes a 100% increase in energy costs year-on-year as the reason for introducing this charge, after accounting for its use of gas, electricity and diesel.

The conflict in Ukraine has undoubtedly inflated energy prices and we have seen many fuel surcharges applied to transport prices over recent times, with this now adding to the costs of imports.

The fee, which will be reviewed quarterly, has been set at:

EAL (Energy Adjustment Levy) : £11.25 per import container.

The port took the decision to only apply this to imports as with the huge number of containers leaving the UK empty, it became difficult to determine export container prices.

The fee will be billed to the customs declarant for all import containers out-gating the port after midnight on 30th April. Therefore, where Simarco handle the customs clearance through Felixstowe, we will be responsible for billing the £11.25 charge per container to the customer.

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