Dover Delays Impact European Transport

The chaos and delays at Dover, during the past few days, have been much publicised and have had a significant impact on the movement of goods to and from the continent.

This also led to similar delays in Folkestone, as both the public and transport operators looked for alternative means of travel.

Delays of up to 5/6 hours were experienced by most drivers from Friday through to Sunday, leading to Dover port declaring a ‘critical incident’. While it looks as though some normality has returned this morning, there are fears that the weekend’s chaos could be repeated during the summer.

The delays have been put down to additional checks since Brexit, the post pandemic return in demand, and being at the height of the holiday season.

Dover/Calais is the primary route for European imports and exports, with the weekends being key for vehicles to depart and return. Therefore, any ongoing disruption is likely to have a significant impact in getting some products delivered on time.

Simarco are monitoring the situation closely and will continue to update you with any major developments.

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