Italian Services Are Back Up And Running

Following the traditional August downturn in logistics services to and from Italy, Simarco’s road freight team are delighted to confirm that our Italian export groupage services are now fully operational.

Twice-weekly direct trailer services, operated through both our Witham and Stoke depots, are back up and running to and from multiple hubs, including Milan, Verona, Bologna, Genoa, Florence, Rome and Naples.

Through these strategic locations we are able to provide cost effective collection and delivery solutions, for groupage and part loads, to and from all major towns and cities throughout Italy.

In conjunction with our exclusive partnership arrangements in the country, we are also able to offer customs and warehousing solutions, which couple seamlessly with our fulfilment capabilities throughout the UK.

Our sales team are able to offer competitive rates, and would be delighted to hear from you should you require further information. Therefore, please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.

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Customs Rollback CDS Export Deadline To March

UK Customs have recently confirmed that the deadline for transitioning exports from CHIEF to CDS has been rolled back until 30th March 2024.

CDS (Customs Declaration Service) is HM Customs latest software for processing declarations and performing customs related functions. This replaces the CHIEF system, which has been in operation for thirty years and is being phased out.

Imports moved over to CDS in September 2022, and at that time the plan was for exports to follow in March this year. However, HMRC have now extended that deadline twice.

According to their website notice, they have listened to feedback and have now decided to ‘phase’ CDS exports in. Therefore, for the vast majority of exporters, CHIEF will remain in place until March 2024, but a few high volume declarants will be starting to using CDS from November.

The full notice can be viewed on the .gov website HERE.

If you require more information on CDS, or would like to find out about our customs declaration services, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Simarco Plant Over 12,000 Trees With Ecologi

It is now eighteen months since Simarco signed up with Ecologi to make a positive impact on the world by helping to build forests and reducing our carbon footprint.

Since February 2022, we have worked with the climate based solutions business, who have had a huge impact by planting 68 million trees and avoided 2.7 million tonnes of CO2e.

We are delighted to have played our part, having now completed 25 projects we have been responsible for the planting of 12,150 trees and 126 tonnes of carbon reduction.

Ecologi confirm that “The funding for tree planting provides a wide range of benefits to local people and biodiversity. These benefits include food, shelter, and ecosystem services such as regulating water levels, and creating cooler, wetter microclimates in places where the climate is getting hotter and drier. The benefits of trees are truly incredible.”

Simarco are also aligned with Ecologi’s Science Based Targets Initiative where tree planting is recommended as one of the climate solutions to remove residual emissions to reach net zero. 

For more information on Ecologi please visit:

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Simarco’ s solution to soaring import rates from China to UK in August

If you’re involved in importing goods from China to the UK, brace yourself for an imminent challenge on the horizon. In August, the shipping industry is expected to witness a General Rate Increase (GRI) that could significantly impact shipping costs. Market rates have already surged, with spot levels reaching as high as $2000.00 per 40ft HC container. However, there’s good news for businesses looking for stability amidst these turbulent waters. The Simarco Ocean Freight team is ready to assist with long-term deals at rates below the current spot levels.

The shipping industry has faced numerous challenges over the past years, from capacity issues to rising fuel costs and geopolitical tensions. As global trade continues to rebound and supply chains work to recover from the disruptions caused by the pandemic, shipping lines are adjusting their prices to adapt to the market demands.

The China to UK trade route is experiencing a significant spike in freight rates, making it essential for businesses to carefully plan their logistics and budget for the upcoming increase. Those who rely on spot rates could face even higher costs due to the limited capacity and unprecedented demand. As a result, securing a long-term agreement with fixed rates below the current spot levels can be a smart strategy to mitigate potential financial risks.

Simarco understands the complexities of international shipping. Their Ocean Freight team is well-prepared to help businesses navigate these turbulent times. By locking in long-term rates below the current soaring spot levels, Simarco aims to offer stability and predictability to importers from China to the UK.

With Simarco’ s expertise and extensive network, businesses can gain a competitive edge by securing reliable shipping arrangements. By planning ahead and making use of the available resources, companies can better manage their supply chains, reduce costs, and ensure their goods reach the UK market on time and without unnecessary financial strain.

In conclusion, the impending General Rate Increase demands careful consideration and proactive planning. Market rates have skyrocketed, posing potential challenges to businesses relying on spot rates. However, Simarco’ s Ocean Freight team stands ready to provide relief by offering long-term deals at rates below current spot levels. By collaborating with a trusted logistics partner like Simarco, importers can mitigate the impact of rising shipping costs and ensure a smoother, more efficient supply chain operation.

For further information, contact Scott Hutchison via

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Simarco reach Gold Standard for Carbon Offset

Simarco have recently received gold standard certification in the FloGas Carbon Offset initiative, by compensating 75.30 tonnes of CO2E through the use of LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas).

This achievement makes up part of a five-year road map to roll out our sustainability vision and goals. Our sustainability strategy – Simarco’s 3P Vision – focuses the entire business around three key pillars – PEOPLE, PLANET and PROSPERITY.

Simarco are heavily invested in a sustainable vision for the future. Our sustainability program incorporates continuous reductions in our carbon footprint, with recycling, treating and reprocessing of natural resources playing a key role.

Some of the key achievements from our sustainability targets during recent times include:

  • Joining the United Nations Global Compact and the UN Global Compact Network UK.
  • Redesigning our headquarters in Witham to install highly energy efficient lighting systems across the warehouses and offices, reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated 70%.
  • Continuing to invest in new vehicles to reduce emissions while also improving health and safety for our drivers, customers, and other road users.
  • Introducing HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel throughout our fleet.
  • Assigning key team members to join the UN Global Compacts ‘Climate Ambition Accelerator’ programme. 
  • Setting near-term company-wide emission reduction targets in line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).
  • Through Ecologi, being directly responsible for the planting of over 10,000 trees reducing carbon by over 100 tonnes.
  • Achieving gold standard certification in the FloGas Carbon Offset initiative.

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Planning ahead for Friday’s Bastille Day

Friday, 14th July is a public holiday in France, with businesses, shops, banks, public offices and schools closed during Bastille Day.

Bastille Day marks the anniversary of the fall of the Bastille, Paris in 1789. Originally built as a medieval fortress, the Bastille eventually came to be used as a state prison where political prisoners were held.

There is the possibility of delays for customers using our Regime 42 and 40 services during this year’s public holiday.

We would therefore suggest that when planning any shipments to depart 14th-16th July, bookings, paperwork and invoices are sent through to us by 2pm on Thursday 13th July, which should enable us to avoid any delays to clearances and ensure weekend departures.

We very much value your cooperation regarding the above

For those unaware, our Regime services improve EU customs efficiencies and usually reduce door to door transit times for DDP export shipments moving to European Union countries.

Should you require any further information regarding the upcoming public holiday or our Regime services, then please do not hesitate to contact your operational contact or alternatively email

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Simarco on safari at the Witham Carnival

The Witham Carnival was back with a bang this past weekend, as Simarco trucks adorned the streets of Witham on Saturday 8th July 2023.

As a logistics provider headquartered in Witham, Simarco is always delighted to support local events, and the Carnival is one we have very much enjoyed working with down the years.

Six Simarco trucks were provided again, which operated as floats in the procession and each was beautifully decorated in line with this year’s theme – ‘On Safari’.

We would like to say a big thank you to our fantastic team members that unselfishly volunteered to drive the vehicles, each navigating a float sponsoring local organisations, as listed below:

  • Darren Moore – Rugby club
  • Ben Cheney – Football club
  • David Gray – Childminders
  • James Smith – 1st Scouts
  • Paul Lopez – Templars Community Association
  • Kurtis Greatorex (from IT) – Witham Amateur Operatic Society

The judges gave Ickle Rainbow Childminding the best overall float award with their “Children on Safari” theme, while Witham Scouts came second.

The Witham Carnival organisers were quick to thank Simarco and other businesses that support the event, commenting “Without their tremendous support the Carnival day would cease to exist“.

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Simarco Quiz Raises Funds For Brainwave

Simarco recently held a quiz at the Simarco Stadium, home of Witham Town FC, which raised over £500 of funding for Brainwave charity.

The Quiz, which was very well supported by Simarco staff, friends and colleagues, was a multiple round format and finished off with an interactive challenge to build the tallest freestanding tower using spaghetti, masking tape and a marshmallow. 

Naturally, there were a few mishaps along with some very interesting creations. The winners’ tower, a great effort created by our warehouse admin team, managed to reach the dizzy height of 42cm.

Brainwave are a local charity that Simarco work closely with. They help children with disabilities reach their bespoke milestones, gain greater independence and achieve their full potential in life.  The donation will help their therapists increase their partnership work, enabling more children with disabilities to walk, speak and eat independently.

Nicky Evans from Brainwave attended the event and commented “Thank you for a fantastic night, I haven’t laughed that much in a long time!  Thank you to all the fabulous staff at Simarco for all you do.”

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New Government Scheme Introduced For Northern Ireland

The existing UK Trader Scheme (UKTS) is now being replaced by the new UK Internal Market Scheme (UKIMS) as part of the new Windsor Framework arrangements for Northern Ireland.

The UKIMS will enable more businesses to benefit and will ensure that goods moved into Northern Ireland under the scheme are free of customs paperwork, checks and duties from September next year.

HMRC are encouraging traders to begin their UKIMS registration process NOW. From 30th September 2023, traders authorised under the new scheme will be able to move goods into Northern Ireland under expanded scheme criteria.

If you are currently authorised for UKTS then you may continue to use this scheme for moving goods into Northern Ireland. However, UKTS holders will NOT be automatically transferred to UKIMS, therefore you should apply sooner rather than later.

If you are NOT currently authorised for UKTS, then it may well be worth applying for UKIMS, as the previous criteria has changed and more companies will be able to qualify.

A large number of businesses are expected to be moving over to UKIMS, and HMRC are requesting that you take action before 31st July 2023, which should ensure they have enough time to complete enrolments prior to 30th September 2023. 

UKIMS registered businesses will be able to use the ‘green lane’ into Northern Ireland, which comes into place in October 2024 under the Windsor agreement.

You can find more information and start your registration HERE.

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UK introduces new developing country scheme

This week has seen the introduction of the new Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS), which applies to 65 countries around the world.

The government’s new post-Brexit trading scheme replaces the outgoing Generalised Scheme of Preferences (GSP), and is reportedly set to save £770m per year.

The DCTS aims to support sustainable growth in developing countries through a more generous unilateral offer and sets out the following provisions:

  • reduce tariffs
  • liberalise rules of origin requirements
  • simplify the conditions attached to the scheme

65 countries are set to benefit from the scheme, including 37 from Africa and 26 from Asia and Oceania. We understand that countries previous benefitting from GSP are included.

The UK’s International Trade Minister recently suggested that the scheme will “benefit UK businesses and consumers by lowering import costs on a whole range of products.”

More details can be found HERE.

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