Strikes Planned For Labour Day Weekend in France

Unions in France have called for more strike action this weekend, as the bitter pension dispute continues to cause disruption in the country.

Strikes are planned for this Friday, 28th April, and the Labour Day public holiday on Monday 1st May, with thousands of transport related workers, including rail workers and air traffic controllers, expected to join one or both of the days.

It is not uncommon for Labour Day to be the focus of industrial action in France, and widespread protests appear likely on the holiday itself.

The dispute has continued all of this year, following President Macron pushing through reforms to pensions which include the retirement age rising from 62 to 64.

Importers, exporters and freight forwarders have become accustomed to the regularity of the strikes and to some extent have learned to live with them, or work around them. However, there may be some small delays to cargo moving through France during the next few days.

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