Simarco Stoke depot approved as bonded facility

Simarco is delighted to confirm that our regional warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent has now been approved as a bonded warehouse, enabling us to extend the range of services we provide.

Our strategically positioned facility already operates under the most stringent foodchain compliance standards, achieving a BRCGS ‘AA’ rating on last audit, which demonstrates the highest levels of quality are provided on site.

Using a bonded facility, importers and exporters can benefit from improved cash flow and supply chain efficiencies. Goods stored in bonded warehouses aren’t liable for customs duties or VAT until they have been moved or shipped from the warehouse.

Our Stoke facility runs numerous direct European import and export services and is intrinsically linked to our global ocean and air freight services through daily trunks. Therefore, we can provide local bonded solutions, for customers in the Midlands and the North, in conjunction with our extensive range of international services.

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