CENTRAL WIRE Industries UK Ltd

CENTRAL WIRE Industries UK Ltd

With 14 locations in 3 countries and over 750 employees, CWI is a leading manufacturer of specialty alloys in nickel, stainless and red metal and its components including ropes, cables and strands.  They have the widest range of finishes and packaging available on the market today and are devoted to delivering quality and maintaining the highest of standards.


“The beginning of the year after Brexit has been a challenging time for all companies that export across Europe.  As approximately 75-80% of our shipments are road freighted into Europe, this was a difficult period for us as a business.  Although we have always sent shipments across the globe using air and sea and are familiar with the documentation required, it became apparent that haulage companies were going to struggle with the demand on submitting documentation to customs before collections could be arranged.

Most of our customers didn’t understand the new procedures or indeed appreciate the extra work and cost involved, nor did they have any brokerage in place to enable to clear the goods once they finally left the UK.  For the first 3-4 months we struggled with rising costs and transit time delays which our customers could not accept with some suggesting they were going to take their business elsewhere.

After some conversations with our Italian agent, she informed us that another UK client of theirs were able to reduce transit times drastically back to around 1 week which was similar to pre-Brexit.  They did this using regime 42/40 supplied by Simarco.  Obviously after hearing this, we were keen to see if any of Simarco’s services could benefit our business.  After some discussions with the knowledgeable team at Simarco the details of regime 42/40 were explained, and we soon realised that this was the way forward for our company.


Since this time, we have moved practically all our European haulage to Simarco.  We now have a fixed price schedule in place for our regular shipments into Europe, our customers are happy because transit times have reduced by around two thirds, and they have no extra paperwork and VAT issues to deal with.  We continue to have a good relationship with Simarco shipping to Europe twice a week with volumes growing due to the increased order book we have developed.

We would like to thank Simarco for their continued support.”

Andrew Jebb – Logistics/Warehouse Manager

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